November 23, 2011

Stop repression of Turkish youth

The repression of the popular movement by the Turkish state

WFDY once again condemns the repressing regime of Turkey that gets more and more aggressive towards the social and civil rights of the youth and people of Turkey. For years the progressive, democratic and communist forces in Turkey were suffering by the governments, but recently and especially during and after the latest elections, the attacks are getting more intense.
Turkey under Tayyip Erdo─čan rule is not the country that the media try to present to the rest of the world. The European Union and especially the USA and NATO try to convince their peoples that Turkey is a democratic state with respect to civil rights, the right of free speech etc, and that Turkey is an example of an “Islamic Democracy” that should be an applied by Arab countries.
In reality, Turkey is still serving the interests of NATO, the US and EU. Turkey is the biggest ally of these forces in the Middle East. Additionally, the national reactionary forces that find their political expression through AKP and Erdogan, have strong interests on the exploitation of the Turkish people and also the peoples of their neighbor countries.

The organized struggle of the youth and the progressive movement in Turkey is that what scares the reactionary forces. That is why the Erdogan goverment uses the police and the criminal system to repress everyone who opposes his policies, especially the organized youth movement. They have increased their pressure on socialist organizations, Kurdish movement and even on journalists. Today, there are more than 500 university students in jails because of political reasons.
WFDY calls for solidarity towards the popular strata of Turkey and especially the militant youth which remains in the first line of the popular strata. Their struggle is of great importance, not only for their own people, but also for the peoples of their neighboring countries. We look towards their struggle with hope and faith that despite the difficulties and the repression, the peoples will prevail.

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