November 23, 2011

Spanish elections confirms goal of the oligarchy

Results of the 2011 Spanish elections. Blue is the right-wing party, red is the social democrats, yellow and blue are political parties for the Catalan and Basque national communities, or regional parties. A summary of results as presented on Wikipedia is below. The right wing has already said it will abolish gay marriage.

Political PartyCongressSenate
Total Votes %+/-Deputies+/-Senators+/-
People's Party (PP)10,830,69344.62%increase4.68%186increase32136increase35
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)6,973,88028.73%decrease15.14%110decrease5948decrease40
United Left (IU)1,680,8106.92%increase3.15%11increase9--
Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD)1,140,2424.69%increase3.50%5increase4--
Convergence and Union (CiU)1,014,2634.17%increase1.14%16increase69increase5
Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ/PNV)323,5171.33%increase0.14%5decrease14increase2
Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) - Reagrupament - Catalunya Sí255,9611.05%decrease0.11%3steady--
Catalan Agreement of Progress (PSC-ICV-EUA)7decrease5
Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG)183,2790.75 %2steady
Canarian Coalition (CC-NC-PNC)143,5500.59 %2steady1
Compromís-Q125,1500.51 %1increase1
Asturian Forum (FAC)99,1730.40 %1increase1
Geroa Bai (Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), Atarrabia Taldea, Zabaltzen)42,4110.17 %1increase1
TOTAL (turnout 71.69%)92.92 %N/A350208

The Executive Committee of the PCPE (Communist Party of the People's of Spain) issues this first statement of analysis of the electoral results of November 20th. In a few days the Executive Committee will issue a resolution on this subject, once the collective discussion is done on due time.  
The result of the elections confirms the goal of the oligarchy of getting a new fresh government in order to continue the adjustment policies in the frame of the structural crisis of the capitalist system.

The future government of the [Right wing] Popular Party -with the possible incorporation of some members of other parties- responds to the expectations of the oligarchy: a government with a wide majority in Parliament, although we can see a limited ability to increase the number of votes obtained by this oligarchic party in the General Elections of 2008. This is an expression of the lack of confidence of the electors in the policies that will be implemented in the next period.

The [Social Democratic] PSOE's electoral collapse is an expression of the frustration of its electorate with the policies implemented in the management of the structural capitalist crisis. Much of that electors walked to abstention or to various intermediate political formations.

The reformism of IU / ICV, [United Left - which includes the Communist Party of Spain, and the Initiative for Catalonia Greens] and other peripheral bourgeoisies options, benefited from the decline of social democracy and gain a better presence in parliament. This increased presence in Parliament will result in a new shift toward positions of more political moderation and greater commitment to the oligarchy that will try to keep the discontent of the working masses in the limits of bourgeois democratic formality.

The PCPE improves our yet modest election results and shows that the our electorate is growing constantly without being fooled by the siren song of reformism. Our votes are won with a serious militant effort in a constant and committed mass work in recent years. These results are part of the consolidation process of the PCPE as a communist reference for all peoples and nations of Spain.

The reform of the Electoral Act has proved to be a sinister ploy to try to prevent the communist presence in the elections. Without this trick, PCPE results would be clearly better. The repression of our lists, with the election rigging in Barcelona, will not prevent the continuation of this process of accumulation of forces. Exhausting the ways of bourgeois legality, the EC will take to the Court of Strasbourg the clearly illegal cancellation of our list.

The brutal policies that the new government will apply, which will deepen the policies already initiated by the PSOE, submitting obediently to the mandate of the oligarchy, require of an extensive mass mobilization to fight for a social way out of the structural crisis of the capitalist system, organizing a Workers' and People's Front that brings together all sectors confronted with the domination of the oligarchy. In the trade union struggle, the formation of the Committees for Workers' Unity will define the main strategy of PCPE.

The Executive Committee of the PCPE salutes the work of all the party militants in this battle and thanks for their trust and respect all those friends of the party who have collaborated in the campaign. The PCPE will not disappoint the confidence of those who have supported our political proposal. The struggle goes on until victory!

November 21, 2011

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