March 28, 2011

On the political freedoms in Senegal

The World Federation of Democratic Youth and its member organizations, at the occasion of its General Council Meeting in Brazil, express its total solidarity to the people and youth of Senegal who are fighting against the liberals reforms, against the corruption of their government, for the right of employment, for free and public education as for the socials, economical and democratic rights in their country.At the same time we fully condemn the violent attacks organized by the government and the PDS to confront to these fair demands. We denounce the establishment of one list of the young leaders with the objective to arrest them with the pretext of attempt to the state security and the will to do one coup d’├ętat.

We demand that the government of Senegal and the PDS should stop immediately the repression against the people and to answer to the popular aspirations which are presented today.

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