March 28, 2011

STOP the war against Libya: NOW!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the bombing of Libya. by NATO and its members, under the excuse of defending the “human rights” of the protesters that want to overthrow Kaddafi’s government.In fact, the simple act of recognition of the rebels as a partner for dialogue by the European Union and other structures represents in itself, a provocation to the sovereignty of Libya and an unacceptable interference on the Libyan issues.

The double standards of imperialism are further clear when in case of the Saudi troops entering Bahrain to smash the ongoing popular movement or in case of the suppression of the peoples’ movement in Yemen, the imperialist states prefer to remain silent, supporting the ongoing brutal repression.

Eight years after the invasion of Iraq and eleven after the bombing of Yugoslavia, imperialism is yet again betting on confusing the minds of the peoples of the world to justify an invasion to a country with the sole motivation of stealing its resources and taking over its geostrategic position. If imperialism had ever before any honest worry with the Libyan people, what would justify the high level of relation between the government of Kaddafi with France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the very USA until some months ago?

Once again, we underline that we reject the suppression of the rights of protesters in Libya, but we underline that the only solution is a peaceful understanding between all parts inside Libya and that a military intervention is totally unacceptable, as we believe that only the Libyan people is able to solve its own problems.

(click here to check out the material of WFDY for the international day of action against the war in Libya, on March 24)

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