March 29, 2010

A look back: Quebec fascism, KKK, bailouts in Ontario, YCL club life


Above: YCL clubs of the past may hold lessons and tips for today's youth

Above: ditto.

Above: history proves that IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. Although major fascists like Arcand were federalists, the article above shows nationalism as being more akin to bigotry versus a genuine act of self -determination. While Germany had ominous events like the boycott of Nathan Israel's Department Store and Kristallnacht Toronto has had events like the Riots at Christie Pits Park.

Above: racist movements are again cropping up in Canada, most notably Alberta.

Above: Racism can also be systemic and entangled in class structures and economics, poverty.
(note: Joe Abramovitch's sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment at St.-Vincent-de-Paul Penitentiary in Quebec.)

Above: Is current premier Dalton McGuinty any different?

Above: Unity of the left is still needed more than ever today

Above: Free speech has been fought for more at home than overseas

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