June 27, 2010

Fortress Toronto, the media and police

Police using secret intelligence to pick up key activists as a preventative pre-crime measure have been widely reported in the mainstream media as well as on the Toronto Media Co-op website. Such reports eerily sound like a plot out of Philip K. Dick's short story Minority Report.

Journalists have been routinely attacked. In addition to the usual targets of independent media reporters, a CTV producer was snatched. As reported on toronto media coop, and the Dominion, A reporter from the Manchester Guardian was " held by two cops while a third punched him in the stomach because he 'talked too much', then drove his elbow into the collapsed journalist's back." Four reporters, two from Reuters, and two from the National Post were arrested.

CCLA observers detained refused contacts

Mark Donald and Jon Pipitone, two observers with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association were arrested and has not yet had contact with lawyers to date. The CCLA had about 60 observers on the streets.

Innocent bystander has police sneak into house, wakes up with gun barrel in face

As reported in the Dominion, Toronto Media Co-op and the Toronto Star, Veterinarian John Booth awoke to find cops with their gun sights beaded on his head. Hanna Booth Awoke to find men entering her six month old baby's room. "...Not ringing the doorbell — they’re in my room. I’m in my panties and a tank top, my kid’s screaming his head off, he’s so scared, the tension in the house — it was just the most horrible and absurd thing."

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