April 24, 2010

Common Statement of the Organizations that participated in the 8th Meeting of the European Communist Youths

The delegates that participated in the 8th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations, held in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of March, 2010 under the slogan “The struggle of young communists against the capitalist barbarism and anticommunism; for Socialism” declare the following:

Since the last Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations in Barcelona (November 2008), the capitalist crisis has deepened in the European countries and the attack on the rights of the working class and the youth has intensified even more. Working class youth are the first victims of unemployment, the spread of flexible working relations, the overthrowing of working rights, changes in social security systems, the privatization of the public services, the destruction of the environment, the commercialization of Health-care and Education and its connection to the needs of the monopolies for flexible and conformed graduates – workers with no rights.

These negative developments confirm that the manifestation and the deepening of the capitalist crisis is used to implement anti-labor, anti-popular measures which have been unanimously decided many years ago in the European Union, by both neoliberal and social-democrat governments. These measures are incorporated in the Lisbon Strategy. These developments confirm, yet again, the imperialist character of the EU, which has nothing to do with the cooperation between the peoples of Europe. With the implementation of the Euro-treaty and the several “plans of austerity”, the anti-popular character of the EU structure becomes even more obvious, in the direction of serving the interests of monopolies in the current conditions of the crisis and the intensification of capitalist antagonism.

At the same time we concentrate our attention, with great concern, to the intensification of the antagonisms between the imperialist powers, the US, the EU and the uprising imperialist powers like Russia, on an international and regional level. The process of the incorporation of the EU in the strategy of the USA and NATO, as well as the incorporation of the aspects of militarization, of political intervention and of interventions in the “European Security Strategy” is a proof of this. The disputes over the control of the commercial routes of gas and oil acquire central importance. There arises the possibility of new clashes, of the re-ignition of old military tensions and of new crimes of imperialism against the people.

We reject the bourgeois and opportunist theories of “immoral capitalism”, which blame the corruption and greed of some bank managers and other monopolies for the crisis, while absolving capitalism itself. These theories spread illusions on the “humanization of capitalism”. They confine the struggles of the working class and youth toward the aim of a supposedly better administration of the system. However, the capitalist crisis is a crisis of overproduction. Its causes lie within the capitalist mode of production, the pursuit of profit. This is inevitable in the framework of the capitalist mode of production. No form of administration or state intervention can rid capitalism of its crises. The manifestation of the crisis highlights the vitality of Marx’s analysis on capitalist economy and Lenin’s analysis on imperialism. It shows the historical limits of capitalism, as well as the need for its revolutionary overthrow. It confirms the need for the struggle for another path of development, the socialist one.

We salute the struggles of workers and the youth in the European countries against anti-popular measures. We clearly demonstrate that the crisis must be paid by those responsible, the large capital and their political representatives. Not the people. We condemn the political representatives of the monopolies and those forces which call for sacrifices from the workers, for “national consent” and “cooperation” with the capitalists in order to overcome the crisis. It is a call of submission and new sacrifices for the profits of the capital, for the perpetuation of its rule.

We believe that in today’s conditions, new possibilities for action arise for communists. The crisis helps the youth draw new conclusions. The Communist Youth Organizations bare the great responsibility of organizing the struggle of the youth to secure the satisfaction of its contemporary needs, for full and steady employment, exclusively public and free for all healthcare, education and social security. The Communist Youth Organizations must contribute to the counterattack, not only to protect our rights, but to achieve new ones. After all, from the new generations, almost all rights won in the previous years have been abolished. Not only for the achievement of certain rights, but for the decisive blow against the capitalist system itself, for a relentless assault against the rule of the capital, for an alternative political solution – socialism.

Today, the produced wealth, the productivity of labor and the development of science and technology can meet all the contemporary popular needs, can reduce the working time, can eliminate unemployment, can raise the cultural and educative level of workers. The means of production and science can no longer be private property, used to exploit workers in order to produce profit. They need to become social property and be developed according to the benefit of the workers. In a society where there will be no exploitation of man by fellow man, where development will be based on the equality of the sovereign states and where the people will be the masters of their future, without imperialist interventions. This society is socialism. And the new generation has every interest to fight on the side of the working class for this new society, a society of peace and solidarity between the peoples.

We are certain that this truth, combined with the ground breaking action of the Communist Youth Organizations, will be the inspiration for the conscience and actions of the majority of young people. We commit ourselves to strengthen our efforts, so that anticommunism becomes invalid, as well as the propaganda against socialism and the lies surrounding the socialist construction during the 20th century, which the capitalists, their political ideologists and their representatives use in order to poison the minds of the youth. In this way we will be able to defend the contribution and superiority of socialism; to declare that socialism is the only true alternative solution for the future of mankind. The future belongs to us.

The common activity initiatives decided by the 8th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations are the following:

  • Common action against the measures of the governments and the imperialist organizations that load the burden of the capitalist crisis on the working class and the youth. Struggle against the offensive on the modern rights of the youth of occupation, social security, access to education and culture.
  • Organization of the struggle against anti-communism. Mobilizations of solidarity against the illegalization and ban of Communist Parties and Communist Youth Organizations. Establishment of days of common action against anti-communist anniversaries (eg. dissolution of USSR, unification of Germany, 23rd of August). Exchange of experience and information between our organizations on the struggle made in every country against anti-communism in schools and universities. Highlighting the superiority of Socialism over capitalism. Particular activities should be organized to condemn cases of individual communists, members of Communist Parties and Communist Youth Organizations that face persecutions and state justice, as a result of their protagonist action in the communist, working-class and youth movements.
  • Editing of the documents of the 8th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations.


1. KJOe – Austria

2. COMAC – Belgium

3. YCL - Britain

4. EDON – Cyprus

5. KSM – Czech Republic

6. MJCF – France

7. SDAJ - Germany

8. KNE – Greece

9. UNGKOM - Norway

10. JCP – Portugal

11. RKSM (b) – Russia

12. SKOJ – Serbia

13. UJCE – Spain

14. CJC – Spain

15. YOUTH TKP – Turkey

World Federation of Democratic Youth participated as observer in the Meeting represented by its President comrade Tiago Vieira

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