October 30, 2009

Web reviews-highlights

the web and blogosphere highlights column


WFMU' beware of the Blog is a highly entertaining blog in terms of music and what odd things it can dig up .

The following two links are highly educational in WWII history, swing music and propaganda:

When Neo-Nazis launched Operation Schoolyard in Calgary earlier this year the punk rock and hard core music label Insurgence Records released a sampler to counter it Project Boneyard Vol II. Looking back at Charlie and his Orchestra, we can see the origins of this latest fascist propaganda plan.



While in the public library one day, I picked up the current issue of Briarpatch magazine. It is of particular interest to youth and students.
the carrot moves further away:

and an expensive carrot it is:


The blog on the Canadian Dimension website covers the subject of the latest attacks on the Canadian Federation of Students.

Since post-econdary education and the Canadian Federations of Students are a hot topic it makes sense to check out the cfs-fcee website.

BLOGGING MBA STUDENTS... are worried too.

So have you ever wondered what MBA students write about? Well, neither do I, but I did run across some blogs this one is sort of interesting:

and some are more along the lines of "...was dull all day..." variety. Dull unless your bored or curious.


Wow, you need to be loaded to study abroad it seems.

Below, here it is in Korean, among many other languages.

You'd think the poor blue guy would take that wad of cash and buy some clothes. He's only wearing sneakers for Pete's sake!
This is why there's a need to Drop Fees.


Over at The Dominion there are several photo essays:


is the latest from the Modern Mechanix blog: SEVEN WAYS TO GET A RAISE an article so bad and full of brown nosing it's funny, and take note of the peanut gallery comments. Sure self improvement is good, but come on!

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    We're seeing the effects of deregulated tuition for international students here at the University of Manitoba. International students already here are desperate for work on campus because tuition just keeps going up and their savings haven't magically increased by whatever obscene triple digit percentage international student fees have gone up by. I know folks who have had to reduce the number of courses they're taking and delay their graduation because they can't afford it. We can see it in the shifting demographics of international students too.

    It is so absurd, tuition should be free for everyone, including international students. And there shouldn't be ridiculous levels of red tape. Did the people making that cartoon ever stop to think "wait a minute, this is ridiculous" at any point? International students bring a ton of economic benefits, and improve the university by bringing in diverse viewpoints and experiences to our university community. Why should we be keeping them out by allowing university administrators to treat them like cash cows?


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