April 24, 2010

10th Congress of the Communist Youth of Greece

The 10th Congress of the Communist Youth of Greece will be held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of May under the slogan: “Communism is the youth of the world. KNE is our organization”. The Congress will conclude on the 9th of May followed by a big event dedicated to the 65 years since the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples.

KNE is looking forward to its 10th Congress with revolutionary optimism. This optimism is a result of many positive steps that we have taken and the upturn of the Organization in these four years since our 9th Congress. During this period, we have become stronger, we have matured even more, both ideologically and politically, we have reinforced our revolutionary – communist characteristics, we played a significant role in the build-up of struggles for the rights of the new generation. KNE contributed in serious political struggles on KKE’s side.

The central subject of the 10th Congress is the strengthening of KNE; we aim for a stronger KNE. We strive to be able to fight alongside the Communist Party of Greece even more effectively, under any circumstances, and commit more young people to the prospect of socialism-communism. KNE wants to contribute in the preparation of young communists, of the new members of KKE. It wants to play a leading role in the reinforcement of the youth movement on an antimonopoly and anticapitalist basis. KNE wants to meet it's obligations in the struggle of the ideas, in the encounter with the bourgeoisie ideology and opportunism.

From the 9th Congress until today it has been confirmed that there is no problem that affects the youth that is not associated with the political problem of the country, with the private capitalist ownership, with the anarchy of the capitalist production, with the capitalist exploitation (unemployment, class barriers, flexible labor relations, the lack of free time, drugs, the destruction of the environment, the cultural degradation).

The capitalist crisis is one more proof that capitalism has rottened.

No public intervention, no alternative management, as the EU and its parties suggest, can relieve it from its dead-ends, from the crises of overproduction that lead to huge catastrophes of productive forces, first and foremost for the human, that is condemned to unemployment.

The necessity and realism of Socialism is confirmed. This necessity exists and grows stronger, independently of the temporary set- backs of the social development, independently of the correlation of forces in our country and on a global level. Socialismis the definitive solution to the basic antithesis we face, between the greater socialization of labour on the one hand and the private arrogation of the produced wealth on the other hand.

The capitalists and their servants know this. That is why they are attacking the communist ideology and the socialist building of the 20th century with such hate. That is why they ban communist ideas, the communist parties and youths, like in the Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic countries etc. That is why anticommunism has become an official policy and ideology of the EU that is teached in schools through the process of education. They want to exterminate the achievements, the offering of socialism and theUSSR to humanity, from the collective memory. They want to slander the communist ideology in the minds of young people.

KNE defends with consistency the socialist building of the 20th century, its achievements and offerings. We study the factors that led to the resurrection of capitalism.

We have a very valuable qualification which is the Decision of KKE’s 18th Congress for socialism. Decision which give a documented answer to the causes that led to the overthrow of socialism and the capitalist resurrection and shows the realism and necessity of Socialism – Communism.

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