February 9, 2010

Condemn the Olympic police state! Resist the 2010 corporate circus!

Young Communist League of Canada, BC Committee, February 2010.

The Young Communist League, BC Committee, condemns the continued and intensifying police repression aimed at those critical of or actively opposed to the 2010 Olympic Games. On Saturday, February 6th, independent journalist Martin Macias Jr. arrived in Vancouver from Chicago to cover the games. He was detained for several hours and interrogated before being placed on a flight to Seattle. At no time was he allowed to contact legal counsel.

This incident is just one example of efforts aimed at curtailing democratic rights during the games. Visitors coming to Canada to participate in anti-Olympic activities have faced interrogation, detention, and rejection at the border. Meanwhile those involved in Olympic resistance have been subject to visits by the Vancouver Integrated Security Unit (VISU) at their homes and workplaces. Protests outside of established “free speech zones” have been declared illegal.

Attempts like these to suppress dissent reveal the anti-people nature of the Olympic Games and the anti-democratic nature of the Canadian state, which is no more than an instrument to protect the interests of the capitalist class at the expense of the working class, youth, and students.

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