February 14, 2010

Protest is not a crime! The 2010 Games are!

Young Communist League, BC Committee, February 14th 2010.

The Young Communist League, BC Committee, condemns police violence and harassment of anti-Olympic demonstrators and demands the immediate release of imprisoned activists.

While demonstrations against the Olympics have been largely peaceful, it is clear that it is the desire of VANOC and the police to shut down peoples democratic rights to freedom of speech and assembly by whatever means possible. Particularly on February 13th aggressive tactics were used by police in riot gear. Reports indicate that there were thirteen arrests and that more protesters were rounded up by police after the demonstration had ended. No serious injuries were reported.

We also condemn the attempts of the corporate media to paint anti-Olympic protesters and activists as violent thugs and to dismiss the legitimacy of peoples grievances against the Olympics. Implicit in this is an attempt to create a rationale for the removal of the peoples rights to protest during the Olympic period. While it is true that a minority of protesters have engaged in the destruction of corporate property, it has been police who have resorted to physical violence.

Protest and opposition to the Olympics is not a crime. The theft of the peoples tax dollars, homes, rights, and sustainable environment in the interests of the rich is. Resist the 2010 corporate circus! Whose streets? OUR STREETS!

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