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Rebel Youth magazine regularly presents coverage from guest writers about youth and student writers politics. We can't offer to pay you, but your story will be read by hundreds of progressive youth right across Canada. Some of the best of our blog gets expanded and printed in our hard-copy edition, along with original content. We also are always looking for quick updates about protests and actions across the country.

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The primary goal of our magazine is to produce a window on the struggle of the youth and students across Canada. While our editorial position is set by the Young Communist League of Canada and always within the framework of pro-socialist and communist policies, we agree on immediate issues with a broad range of progressive voices. You don`t need to be a member of the YCL to write.

Maintaining a guest author`s original voice is important to us. Unless we strongly disagree with the contents of a guest article, we will not make heavy edits. In the case of a suggested editorial change, we try our best to consult before substantial edits are made.

Below is an outline with some suggestions for writing.

Please note that you do not need to submit an article proposal to RY, just send your article directly!

Length: A good article length for internet writing on our blog is 600-1000 words. Articles over 1200 words we most likely will separate into two parts.

Re-print: If your article already appeared somewhere else, like a campus newspaper, that`s okay -- its still positive to share news at Rebel Youth because it will reach a different audience with us which is geographically broader and more politically active. Just let us know the publication it originally appeared in, and if you have modified the article slightly.

Who: Please send proposals to rebelyouthmag [at] gmail [dot] com;

How: Articles are best to come as an attachment in MS Word, but please don't put any additional formatting into the article because of the requirements of our blog we generally strip-out all formatting;

Photos: It is not necessary to submit a photo but if you have some good pictures send them as a separate attachment, NOT pasted into the Word file please. Generally we only publish one or two images per article although there is no firm rule. We will also run photo-spreads;

You: Don't forget to include your name, contact information, and a one-sentence bio.

When: We will contact you back within a week if we are interested in your story, usually sooner.

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