September 24, 2019

Your list to the climate strikes on Friday, September 27th

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In a statement released at the beginning of September, the Young Communist League – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada calls for an active support of the “youth and workers around the world fighting for a sustainable future and their right to a clean, sustainable and safe environment” and calls “on all progressive people and organisations (including student unions) to take an active part in local activities during the Climate Strike.” This is an appeal that Rebel Youth wishes to bring to its readers while literally hundred of actions are being organised in the lead to what is likely to be the biggest worldwide strike for environment on Friday, September 27th.
This strike follows a successful mobilisation held on March 15th which saw, in the city of Montréal alone, over 150 000 protesters, making it one of the largest climate strikes around the world. Outstanding mobilisations are also expected in Québec at the end of the week as over 100 000 students have voted for strike mandates. Institutions such as Concordia University and the Montréal School Board suspended all their activities to ensure teachers, staff and students can attend the march. Some student unions even passed strike mandates for the whole week of actions, which was launched with massive demonstrations across the globe on Friday, September 20th.

The YCL-LJC Statement, in addition to supporting the climate strike, also makes the connection between environmental struggles and anti-imperialism. As it points out: “The US military alone, with which Canada’s is intimately involved, is a larger polluter than as many as 140 countries, and Trudeau has promised to increase Canada’s own military budget by 73% over the next 10 years. The purpose of these militaries moreover remains today, as ever, the protection of capital and of corporate interests, both domestically and abroad, including Canada’s proliferation of highly destructive mining projects around the world.”

It also outlines the link between environmental destruction and capitalism: “the solutions to climate change and environmental destruction cannot be found within the framework of capitalism, “green” or otherwise. Capitalism is a system based on unbridled exploitation of nature and labour for the sake of corporate profits. It cannot be separated from its devastating effects on our planet. The essence of capitalism is the transformation of nature into mere commodities, and into capital, and for this reason we urge all those fighting climate change to demand nothing short of system change, and fight for socialism.”

After calling for emergency action to smash carbon emissions, to put all natural resources under public and democratic control (a key element if we seriously want to transition away from fossil fuels and other dirty sources of energy), it concludes by claiming that “this planet is ours, the youth, and we won’t pay for their crises, whether they be environmental or economical!”

Here is a list of actions happening on Sept. 27th if you wish to take part in this historic event :

British Columbia

Nanaimo – 12:00-1:00, Nanaimo City Hall
Campbell River – 11:30-3:00, Campbell River Town Hall
Vancouver – 1:00-5:00, City Hall
Burnaby – 8:40 am, Kinder Morgan Canada 8099 Shellmont Street
Surrey – 3:00 pm, Holland Park
Port Coquitlam – All Day, School
Langley – 9:00-12:00, 20338 65 Ave Langley – Strike ​– 12:00-1:00, Langley Town Hall – Non-violent Direct Action
Abbotsford – 2:00-4:00, Town Hall 32315 South Fraser Way
Whistler – All Day, Town Hall
Terrance – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall – Strike
Prince George – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Vernon – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Lumby – 10:00-2:00, 1775 Glencaird St.
Revelstoke – 10:00 am, Town Hall


Calgary – 12:00-1:00, City Hall
Medicine Hat – “We will first look to meet with other supporters of the cause, then protest at the government building. Strike and take action for the whole day.”


Regina – 10:00-11:00, Legislative Building
Melfort – 11:00 am, “We will meet in front of MUCC at 11:00 am and walk to Memorial Gardens (the park outside the Post Office).”
Saskatoon – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall


Winnipeg – 12:00 pm, Legislative Building


Greater Sudbury – 3:30-4:30, In school, then City Hall
Owen Sound – 2:30-3:30, Town Hall
Hanover – 12:00-2:00, Strike
Midland – 11:00-1:00, Midland Public Library
Barrie - 1:35-2:25|12:20 - 12:40|At 12.00-13.00, School|Meridian Place|Town Hall
Angus – 9:00-3:00, Spirit Catcher on the Waterfront
Orangeville – 12:00-1:00, Broadway Street MP & MPP Offices
Georgetown – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Milton – 11:00-1:00, Milton High School to Town Hall – 12:00-2:00, McDougall Park to Town Hall
Guelph – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Kitchener – 8:30-9:30, Town Hall – Silent Strike
Woodstock – 12:00-1:00, 12 Perry St – Demonstration
London – 1:00-5:00, Town Hall – Demonstration
Hamilton – 10:00-12:00, Town Hall
Burlington – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall – 8:30 am, School
Welland – 12:00-1:00, Location Undetermined
Toronto – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Scarborough – 11:15 am, Kingston and Midland
Whitby – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Belleville – 8:00-11:00, Town Hall
Peterborough – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Bancroft – 11:00-3:00, Corner of Hwy 62 and Station St.
Kingston – 8:30-2:30, Town Hall
Ottawa – 12:00-3:00, City Hall
Orillia – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Peterborough – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall – Global Climate Strike


Montréal – All Day – Strike – 12:00-1:00, Parc Jeanne-Mance
Sutton – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall
Iles de la Madeleine – 12:00-1:00, Town hall
Québec City – 1:00-5:00 – La grève, convergence de manifestation

New Brunswick

Sackville – 8:00-12:00

Nova Scotia

Turo – 12:00-1:00, Civic Square – Demonstration

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown – In front of Province House, Grafton Street, 12:00-2:00 – Global Climate Strike

Newfoundland & Labrador

St. Johns – 12:00-1:00, Convention Center – Public Protest against bill C61 ban on free/clean energy
Eastport – 12:00-1:00, Town hall


Whitehorse – 12:00-1:00, Town Hall

Northwest Territories

Inuvik – 4:00-5:00, Jim Koe Park – March and Rally

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