May 7, 2019

The people of Venezuela reiterated, "Guaido is not our President"

Brief note by Adrien Welsh 

Let's salute the courage, determination and reactivity of the Venezuelan people, its youth, its institutions and organizations that represent them for their mobilisation in the face of the new destabilizing action of criminal, usurper and fascist Juan Guaidó and convicted Leopoldo López.

Thanks to people’s mobilization, Venezuelans have prevented this manoeuvre from ending in a coup perpetrated by the proxies of imperialism in Venezuela who have eyes only for the oil and natural resources of this country and wish for larger profits for western shareholders.

While all sectors of the Venezuelan people successfully mobilized their forces for the defense of national sovereignty, the fact remains that the danger of a coup d'état, a military intervention or even a regional war is imminent. Since 2002, US imperialists, their allies (including Canada) and their local proxies have been continuously trying to carry out a coup d'état and annihilate the hard-won social gains of the people of Venezuela. Only lackeys of imperialism and big corporations would benefit from a military intervention in Venezuela. They are the ones who want us to think that, for some reason, this time, it is different and that Venezuela will be different from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia or Chile in 1973.

In the face of this lost battle, there is no doubt that imperialism will continue in its escalation of violence against Venezuela. Its plan is clear: foment divisions in the population to justify a military invasion. In the face of this danger, we call on the youth and peoples of the world to show their unwavering solidarity with the people and youth of Venezuela in their quest for sovereignty and emancipation.

The Canadian government and its Minister of War, Chrystia Freeland, have to be strongly condemned. From the very beginning, they made sure that on our behalf and with our money, Canada would side with imperialism, war and the enslavement of peoples.

Defending Venezuela is not just about defending a country. It is about the defense of the sovereignty of an entire people and working class who are victims of imperialism.

Progressive, anti-imperialist and peace loving youth of Canada must unite and demonstrate their solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela, denounce all attempts at interference and imperialist intervention and to mobilize starting June 14, anniversary of Che Guevara's birth, which is set to launch an international campaign of solidarity Venezuela, its people and its anti-imperialist struggle.

Participants to the 2nd International Solidarity Mission with the Bolivarian Revolution

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