January 12, 2011


The National Union has a long history in the Canadian labour movement. Our work with our colleagues within the House of Labour has helped shape the face of the labour movement. We are proud of our contribution.

The work of our leadership and activists with the Canadian Labour Congress, the provincial Federations of Labour and the district Labour Councils has improved the lives of thousands of working families.

The ability to play an important role in labour centrals is based on mutual respect for, and adherence to, the bargaining relationships that affiliated unions have established on behalf of their members. The work of labour centrals, unions united around shared principles, goals and collective action, cannot happen in the shadow of raiding.

Raiding is much more than a local disagreement between affiliates. It has a negative impact on the CLC, Federations of Labour, Labour Councils, other unions and the members in parts of the country that are not involved in the dispute in any way.

We are encouraged that the CLC convened a meeting in December of labour leaders to discuss the issue. It was a productive meeting and we believe there is an opportunity for real progress on the issue. We are hopeful.

We commend the leadership of CLC affiliates for the commitment they have made to find a resolution to a practice that destroys labour unity.

We will work hard with our CLC colleagues to find a solution. We are committed to the issue. We are committed to the process. We are committed to the House of Labour.

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