March 9, 2016

Young Communists around the world mobilize for IWD 2016

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Rebel Youth looks at the actions of young Communists around the world to commemorate International Women's Day and struggle for the rights of women globally. Here's a snapshot of some of the activities that took place in honor of March 8th, 2016.


Above is the Young Communist League - Britain's banner image for IWD 2016, celebrating revolutionary women. 

You can find the YCL Britain's IWD 2016 statement called, "Feminism and Socialism Go Hand in Hand," here.


Young Communist League of Canada IWD 2016 graphics.

The YCL-LJC Canada also took part in several marches across the country. Here are photos from Toronto, Edmonton, and Hamilton.


Communist Youth of Chile graphic. Translation: "The 8th of March: International day of the woman worker. 3 causes abortion. No more gendered violence. Equal work for women and men."
 Translation of top text: "The full social equality of women is an indisputable principle for a communist"

A major struggle taking place in Chile right now is to get a losening of access to abortion laws through the Chile's Congress. Chile has some of the worst anti-choice laws in the world, brought in under Pinochet's fascist regime, which have yet to be dismantled.

The above picture is a rally of the Communist Youth with a banner that reads: "the majority have already decided, it's up to the congress to do it today! 3 causes abortion."  The law that is being proposed by the government with opposition from the right parties, is that abortion be made legal in cases of endangered health of the mother, in the case of rape and if the fetus has severe complications. Right now abortion is illegal in all cases. Each year 120,000 Chileans have illegal aboritions. Read more here.

The photo of the graffiti below is from the Communist Youth's artist collective (the Brigada Ramona Parra) and calls for the new abortion law to be enacted.

The head of the march. The second person from the left is Karol Cariola, General Secretary of the Communist Youth of Chile and elected to the Congress of Chile since 2013. The third person from the left is Camila Vallejo, also a leader in the Communist Youth and member of Congress for the Communist Party, she was a prominent leader in the massive student strikes in Chile in 2011.

A poetic statement from the Colombian Communist Youth (JUCO). Rough translation: "We are the intact dignity of Policarpa, the unwavering commitment of Yira Castro, the combativeness of Norma Patricia Galeano, we are the worthy heirs of the October Revolution, we fight injustice, challenge the warmongering and our smiles and explode on the horizon, illuminating a red dawn".

IWD greetings from United Democratic Youth Organisation (Cyprus).


Message from the Movement of Young Communists of France (MJCF). Translation: "80% of poor workers are women. How many tomorrow with the new work law". This IWD message was used to mobilize for the major March 9th labour actions against the French government's new labour laws which attack the rights of French workers.

Graphic from the Socialist German Workers Youth with images of Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin (founder of IWD). Translation: "Women's Day is Our Day!"

Graphic from the Communist Youth Union of Spain. Translation: "March 8th - The answer is feminist - for a life lived up to our struggles".


Photos from a campus event on March 8th in Turkey which the Communist Youth, Turkey participated in. The slogan for the event was "Reactionaries will lose, women will win". The attack of the AKP government against women was outlined.

On March 6th, for IWD, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union participated in a youth bus tour through Hanoi to talk to young people about gender inequality. Some of the subjects discussed were, "existing problems in Vietnam such as gender stereotypes and a decrease in female leadership".
 Read more here.

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