March 24, 2015

Young Communists of Venezuela condemn US aggression

Against the imperialist aggression - Unity, solidarity and struggle

Statement of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) – National Executive Committee of the Central Council

The Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) expresses its strongest condemnation to the executive order signed by the president Barack Obama, last March 9th, when he declared a “National Emergency” after describing Venezuela as an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the National Security and Foreign Policy of the United States”.

The interventionist policy of the US and European imperialist poles against Venezuela has intensified during the last months: unilateral sanctions against the state of Venezuela and recurrent statements by senior US officials and European Parliament have highlighted the development of an international conspiracy against the Bolivarian Process.

Under the pretext of the alleged struggle for “human rights”, the spokespeople of imperialism have tried to disguise these new aggression against our people as if they were legal actions against specific officials of the Venezuelan Government. However, we must not forget the harmful consequences suffered by the peoples who were also declared as a threat to the American National Security such as Nicaragua (1985), Panamá (1988), Libya (2011) that not only underwent direct military intervention, but economic blockade as well, and open support and financial funding to paramilitary forces to confront the governments of these countries.

The exponential growth of the imperialist blockade against Venezuela aims to stimulate the seditious/inciting actions inside the country, in order to cause similar scenes to those promoted in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. The fascist offensive led by the Venezuelan right wing in February 2014 was oriented towards generating a climate of lawlessness to unleash a civil war and thus to justify a direct military intervention of imperialism in our country.

Venezuela is not only the principal energy reservoir in Latin America for the US monopolies, but furthermore the principal obstacle to rebuilding a dominant/hegemonic imperialism in the region and a global reference for the forces that are now resisting the criminal offensive of the big capital.

Facing the imperialist pressures that seek to “arm twist” the Venezuelan people, we call upon the National government to maintain the firmness with which it has acted against the fascist forces that are intending to liquidate the Bolivarian Process. Those responsible for the death of innocents in 2014 and for the destabilization plan must pay for their actions. The defense of the process also involves deepening it: hitting the capitalist forces that are internally participating in the plan of boycott and sabotage.

The JCV calls upon the Venezuelan youth to urge a national anti-imperialist offensive: aiming to raise the revolutionary consciousness of our youth and thus build the broadest patriotic and anti-imperialist unity. The young Venezuelans must act today more than ever to live up to our glorious history of struggle, as protagonists of front lines in the battles of defending our homeland.

To restrain the plans of direct aggression that are proposed by imperialism it is necessary to deepen the solidarity in all the corners of the world. We call upon the anti-imperialist youth and students organizations, especially the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and the Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students (OCLAE) to develop initiatives to reject the executive order approved by the US against Venezuela. The “International Campaign of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution”, driven by WFDY is an important initiative that we should strongly assume in order to transmit the voice of the worldwide people against imperialism.



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