September 12, 2014

The Lego People Unite and Defeat Lord Business! (Review)

By Peter Miller

My crusty side tells me “The Lego Movie” is just a 100 minute long commercial. My crusty side is right. It is a very successful commercial for LEGO that grossed $468,009,556 worldwide.

But The Lego Movie isn’t just a commercial. It's also a movie leftists can enjoy. I sat in the movie theatre with friends laughing, excited, and high on life when I watched the movie in theatres. I was the opposite of crusty.

The villain in the film is “Lord Business”, played by Will Ferrell. He’s a capitalist dictator who wants total control. He doesn’t want the ruled to be creative at all.

Fox News took note that a capitalist was the villain for this film. Business host Charles Payne said the film attacked big business, and Lord Business “looks a little bit like Mitt Romney.” Fox’s Monica Crowly even said “Hollywood has long been dominated by the far left, which is very anti-capitalist.” Payne worried the film was indoctrinating young children.

 Fox News also practically turned itself into The Onion when Matt Patrick said, “we’re creating ‘occutoddlers’” with The Lorax movie. Ultra right-wing media also criticized The Muppets (2011) for making an oil baron the villain of that film.

The main character in the film is Emmet, an ordinary lego character. His favourite song is “Everything is Awesome,” and he still thinks everything is awesome when he drinks overpriced $37 coffee owned by Lord Business. At one point, Lord Business is in his Octan Corporation Tower being told coffee sales are through the roof, and his reaction is, “let’s make that roof even higher!”

But Emmet’s life changes when he is told he is the “Master Builder” that has been prophesized to save the lego world from Lord Business.

Master Builders are Lord Business’ enemy because they go against lego instruction manuals. They mix pirate lego with star wars lego, and do cool things like that to make creative stuff. Lord Business hates this uncontrolled creativity, and does everything to stop the vanguard of lego Revolution.

Spoiler alert: After constant failure at becoming a master builder, Emmet makes a breakthrough, joining the vanguard and being instrumental in defeating Lord Business. Ultimately, every lego figurine realizes they can become Master Builders, take control, and successfully defeat Lord Business and his “micro managers.”

For me, the Master Builders do not only represent the vanguard of revolution, but also represent how everyone will finally have the opportunity to reach their full potential during and after socialist revolution. During the lego revolution in the Lego Movie, you witness lego figurines using their strengths to defeat Lord Business. An old woman even uses her cats to pull her in a cart and fight the micromanagers.

It’s no wonder I was so excited during the lego movie! Beware of evil Duplo counterrevolutionaries that make an appearance at the end of the movie… Should be a good sequel about defending the lego revolution from Duplo reaction coming soon.

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