June 18, 2014

Salute to the YCL-LJC Convention

People's Voice Editorial
Issue: May 16-31, 2014

Presidium at 26th Convention of YCL-LJC
The May 24‑25 weekend will see a unique gathering in Toronto - the 26th Central Convention of the Young Communist League/Ligue de la jeunesses communiste du Canada. The editorial Board of People's Voice sends warmest greetings to YCL/LJC delegates from across Canada, who represent the revolutionary potential of youth to challenge the domination of big capital.

            The Young Communist League has never had an easy path in Canada. Yet the organization has played a critical, even leading role in many historic struggles. During the Thirties, YCLers were prominent in the On to Ottawa Trek and the Mackenzie‑Papineau Battalion which fought fascism in Spain. After WW2, Young Communists helped to organize workers in basic industries across the country, and to resist the integration of Canada into US imperialism's war machine. They played important roles in solidarity campaigns with the people of Vietnam, Cuba, southern Africa, Nicaragua and Palestine. YCL members were key activists in the progressive student movement, from the formation of the Canadian Federation of Students to the anti-tuition uprising of 2012 in Quebec. The YCL takes a principled stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, big nation chauvinism and other divisive ruling class ideologies.

YCL-LJC delegates express support for Anti-Chevron campaign
            Young people today face a grave and uncertain future, with the dangers of war, economic crisis, environmental catastrophe, and "free trade" deals imposed by big capital. To defeat these threats will require much more than spontaneous, small scale acts of resistance. Ultimately, winning a socialist alternative will require collective, mass struggle, uniting millions around demands for real change, and a coherent strategy to overcome the combined powers of the capitalist state. As the YCL celebrates its 90th anniversary, we are confident that it has the political strength and the revolutionary ideology to win the support of youth in all parts of Canada for these ideals!

Rebel Youth will be posting more about the YCL-LJC's 26th Central Convention soon so stay tuned!

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