February 26, 2014

Dangerous developments for the people of Ukraine

Members of the Communist Party of Ukraine rally
to defend a statue of Lenin from ultra-right forces
Joint Statement of Communist and Workers' Parties, circulated by the Communist Parties of Germany and Greece. 

The recent dramatic developments in Ukraine do not constitute the "victory of democracy" by the alleged "revolutionaries", as it is described by the mass media of the USA and the EU, but is a dangerous development, above all for the people of Ukraine themselves.

Reactionary political forces, ideological descendants of the Nazis, have risen to the political "surface" with the assistance of the EU and the USA. These are forces which apart from destroying the offices of their opponents, are planning political persecutions, and the banning of parties, above all against the communists, and even racist legislation at the expense of the Russian‑speaking population, like what has been in force for the last 20 years in the countries of the "European" Baltic, with the blatant political support of the EU.

The communist and workers' parties endorsing this statement express our solidarity and support with the communists of Ukraine, above all with those who in many instances went on to the streets in order to defend the monuments of Lenin and the other Soviet and anti‑fascist monuments, which found themselves "targeted" by the ideological "cleansing" of history being attempted by the nationalist‑fascist armed groups.

We denounce the USA and the EU regarding their blatant involvement in the internal affairs of Ukraine, regarding the direct support they provided and are providing to the armed fascist groups, supporting historical revanchism against the outcome of the 2nd World War, transforming anti‑communism into their official policy, as well as beautifying the fascist groups, their criminal ideology and activity, promoting the division of the people of Ukraine with planned persecutions at the expense of the Russian‑speaking people of Ukraine.

            The positions of the opportunist forces are dangerous, spreading illusions that there could exist another "better EU, another better association agreement of the EU with Ukraine". The EU, like every capitalist inter‑state union, is a predatory alliance which has a deeply reactionary character, and acts and will continue to act against the working people's rights. The developments in Ukraine are connected to the fierce competition between the EU and the USA, on one hand, and Russia for the control of markets, raw materials and the country's transport networks. However the people of Ukraine, as all the other peoples of Europe, have no interests in siding with the one or the other imperialist, or one or the other predatory alliance.

            The interests of the working class and popular strata of Ukraine mean that they must prevent themselves from being "trapped" in nationalist, divisive dilemmas, on the basis of ethnic, linguistic, religious particularities, and to prioritize their common class interests, to chart their path of class struggle, for their rights and socialism. Socialism remains as timely and necessary as ever. This is the perspective against every capitalist inter‑state union, in order to pave the way for an economy and society that will not operate on the basis of profit, but on the basis of the needs of the workers.

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