March 6, 2013

Cuba remembers Chavez: he has died, and not..

Iliana García Giraldino  (Siempre con Cuba/ICAP)

The news was truly devastating. The news of the Venezuelan Commander in Chief’s decease swept all across the world leaving an immense trail of sadness and pain that will always etch on the historical mind of humanity, where the eternal Bolivarian commander will remain alive for good.

The passionate hope worldwide that the president would overcome this battle against cancer disease, just faded at the very moment of his decease, which however can not defeat all the love emerged from the bottom of the beloved Hugo Chavez’ heart. That seed of love he planted and the love he has received and will receive from the peoples.

He has deceased and not. There is no way possible his ideas fade significance with his physical disappearance. The Venezuelan leader set an example of braveness and faith, the courage that always defined him, his integrationist thinking, his solidarity with the deprived, with the ones dropped out from society. The leader deserves a place of honour in the heavens of the heroes, from which he will enlighten the path of sovereignty, dignity and patriotism.

Venezuela mourns, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. Men of good will also weep. The whole Cuban people just shuddered at the harrowing news. Chávez was- and also belongs to Cuba, the island he felt deep love of, the island he felt he was part of, as well as he belonged to the cuban people. Chávez used to be one more cuban. He used to talk to Cubans with the sympathy and ease of an older brother.

His image next to Fidel, both smiling, is a symbol for the Cuban people. In that picture, and like in many others we know, is summed up the feelings of Cuba. Every time Chavez embraced Fidel and Raul, he embraced all cubans at the same time.

Cuba and Venezuela as one nation are grieving this ruthless moment.  The woes and sorrows felt by the Cuban people are felt in the most remote areas in Venezuela. Like brothers, we have to bear the pain. Like brothers will go on, faithful to Chavez’ ideas, the one who carried out and bolstered the Bolivarian Revolution, The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), PETROCARIBE, The CELAC, and popular health, sporting and cultural programs. He will live within the souls of the children and women he saved with sanitary programs, in the redeemed people of his beloved homeland.

As the lyrics of the song of Ali Primera ¨We will avoid the beautiful open door to life to be shut¨

Unity, unity, unity, was Commander in Chief’s legacy in his call to continue fighting regardless of the circumstances, the Bolivarian Revolution, and to continue building Socialism.

I can not imagine Chávez motionless. He will continue to deliver his speeches, quoting impassioned Bolivar’s phrases and José Marti’s verses, speaking with the people, carrying children in his arms, grinning to life, replying fiercely to whomever attempts to threaten the homeland, with his defiant stand facing the empire, caring with his family, holding hands with Fidel and Raúl, chanting the songs of Alí Primera, who in a song dedicated to Bolívar he expressed:

… who knows if you are ever seen over a star,  
with bright parrots enlightening the jungle,  
over the wet plantations shining its essence,  
with your horse of war galloping next to me, with your libertarian sword near me, with your shout of battle…

You are very close to everyone, beloved Commander, leading the peoples of the world from a star

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