March 5, 2013

Communist Party of Venezuela on death of Hugo Chavez

President Hugo Chavez Frias and Oscar Figuera, PCV general secretary

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela, with deep sorrow over the passing of our President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, undisputed leader of the Bolivarian process in Venezuela, Latin America and the world, wishes to express its firm conviction to continue raising the flags of struggle for socialist revolution and revolutionary popular unity.

President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias dedicated his life to efforts that helped in the construction and defense of the country, seeking the conquest of a society of justice and freedom for the working people of Venezuela, Latin America and the world, who are facing global imperialism and its lackeys.

It is indisputable that our comrade president always took, with exemplary revolutionary discipline and selflessness, the difficult and demanding task of leading our country through the paths of the construction of a more just society, and assumed this task as a lifetime commitment.

From the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela we condemn the war politics and media manipulation undertaken by reactionary sectors of Venezuela, under the guidance of U.S. imperialism, the main enemy of the working class and all working people.

We call on the Venezuelan people, the revolutionary political and social forces to close ranks, to remain alert and vigilant against the claims of imperialism to create chaos and instability in our country. This is why we must demonstrate high levels of organization and disciplined mobilization of our people, building from all instances created in recent years.

We extend to his closest loved and those who loved him dearly in life, our expressions of solidarity and condolences, especially to his sons and daughter and other relatives.

The Political Bureau pays tribute to Comrade President Hugo Chavez , revolutionary who will forever be framed in the collective imagination of our country as an example of strength, dedication, courage and revolutionary greatness.

We call on the Venezuelan people to continue to strive for the courage, fortitude, unselfishness and infinite love for humanity and behavior specific to revolutionary action of Comrade President Hugo Chavez, to now and forever be an example to our people and new generations of fighters for life.

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