November 12, 2012

YCL Canada sends delegate to Ecuador

The Young Communist League of Canada is sending a delegate to attend the initial planning discussions for the next World Festival of Youth and Students, which is expected to be held in Ecuador. The meeting is taking place in Quito, Ecuador. 

In a press release meeting organizers said that "issues such as the role of student movements in the social transformation, capitalism in crisis and the post-capitalist alternative, organizational experiences of struggle and resistance, as well as youth, State and Revolution, will be discussed.

"Other issues to discuss are youth solidarity and commitment for world peace, people's self-determination and the Citizen Revolution in Ecuador, as well as the creation of an anti-imperialist platform."

Below are photos by YCL delegate Drew Garvie showing, in order, the Communist Party of Ecuador building, a member of the Rafael Correa government addressing the meeting, Mountains in the region which boarders close to the headwaters of the Amazon, a view of Quito and the Presidential palace. Rebel Youth will carry a full report when Drew returns.

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