October 1, 2012

Cuba Guarantees Employment for Youth with Disabilities

Havana, Oct1 (Prensa Latina) The employment for more than 1,000 youth with disabilities in Cuba is a guarantee, Special Education officials told the press today.

According to Moraima Orozco, national director of that teaching, the Ministries of Education, and Work and Social Security ensure blind, deaf, people with physical limitations, and those with mental disease, a training in skills required for the performance of trades.

Depending on the labor demand, both institutions determine the necessary workshops in schools, Orozco told Trabajadores newspaper.

Special Education methodologist Osmel Garrido stated that job training of students adapt to new forms of employment, taking into account the changes the country has implemented.

Garrido acknowledged as a challenge the maintenance of education quality provided to people with special educational needs.

He also ratified the fundamental mission of his sector, consisting of ensuring the social integration of students, and prepare them for life.

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