September 18, 2012

No war in Iran - a message from the Communist Party of Canada

Dear comrades and friends,

We are writing you with regard to the ever-growing danger of aggression and war in the Middle East – especially foreign aggression against Syria and Iran – and the need for all peace-loving individuals, groups and organizations across Canada to speak out against any such aggression, and to condemn the role of the Harper government in imposing crippling sanctions, breaking off diplomatic relations and helping to whip up an atmosphere of war hysteria with its bellicose and dangerously irresponsible statements.

The prevailing propaganda campaign in the mass media and from government circles would have Canadians believe that this drive to war is motivated by the most noble of considerations: the humanitarian “responsibility to protect” (R2P) innocent civilians from a bloodthirsty government (in the case of Syria), and the need to prevent a nuclear holocaust brought on by a fanatical regime (in the case of Iran).  Nothing could be further from the truth!

The real intent of this aggressive campaign is to further weaken and destabilize these governments and bring about ‘regime change’ to impose ‘US friendly’ client states in these countries; to completely isolate and crush the Palestinian movement once and for all; and to consolidate Western imperialist domination over the oil resources of  this entire region.

Whatever differences or criticisms one might have of the governments in either Syria or Iran, it is essential to see through this elaborate construction of demonization and lies, and to oppose imperialist designs on this region which, if unopposed, will invariably lead to another catastrophic war (or wars). Instead, we must reject foreign interference and aggression, uphold the national sovereignty of all states, and support peaceful resolutions to conflicts in the region.

The Canadian Peace Alliance has called for demonstrations and rallies across the country on October 6th to denounce the recent decision by the Harper government to sever all diplomatic ties with Iran, to oppose any NATO military intervention in Syria and to call for an end to the ongoing war and occupation in Afghanistan (the 11th anniversary of which will be on October 7).

The Call for an International Day of Anti-war Action on October 6th is an important initiative, and we urge all members and friends of the Communist Party, and all progressive-minded people to mobilize the largest and widest mobilizations possible on October 6th. If local peace and solidarity groups are organizing a local event, we urge you to support and help build for their success. If nothing is yet planned in your area, we encourage you to initiate an anti-war action.

The Communist Party of Canada has taken clear and principled positions on both Syria and Iran, which we reproduce below. As always, we welcome your consideration and feedback.

Central Executive Committee,
Communist Party of Canada

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