May 4, 2012

We must make the silver lining

Five years after the fall of the first domino ‑ the U.S. real estate market - it is abundantly clear that global capitalism is experiencing an unprecedented structural crisis, with no resolution in sight. For the first time in its history, there is no positive idea to offer the popular classes, no wellbeing produced by a "New Deal" or national greatness as proposed by Fascism, or the 30‑year consumerist society of the "glorious" postwar era, not even "popular" capitalism with easy credit and benefits. This is the high point of neo‑liberalism. The only thing promised is a terrifying nightmare of "internal devaluation" in which the French become Greeks and Greeks become Bulgarians ...   In this context, the system's last great idea, the battle which remains, is that of fear. The only struggle permitted is one against your neighbour, for survival, in a world where people become wolves ...  a climate of anarchy, real or manufactured. ... Another type of politics on the left has become a necessity ... Regardless of strategic disagreements, the forces on the left must create a broad alliance to defend democratic rights ... to support the level of popular struggle, solidarity and morale in the coming battles.

 Petros Papakonstantinou, Granma International News, Havana, April 11, 2012

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