March 12, 2012

Syria: a difficult and complicated situation

The Syrian crisis is getting more complicated and developing into different and dangerous directions, now that the limits of this crisis have gone beyond the geographical boundaries of Syria and assumed a regional as well as international dimension.... Different areas of our country have been witnessing activities ranging from peaceful and un provocative demonstrations that never constitute a danger for the security of the state and should accordingly be dealt with peacefully, provocative features aiming to increasing tension, and finally to plundering operations aiming to devastate public institutions, carry out assassinations, kidnapping, looting and blocking out high ways. These acts should be confronted and stopped. Any reading of the general security situation indicates that armed groups no longer have the initiative. Instead, the state is gradually restoring its role. It is necessary here to emphasize that it is possible to do away with all tense situations, however different they are only through a general peaceful settlement that isolates armed groups, respects the right of the peaceful patriotic opposition to practice political work legally. On the political level, no progress has been achieved as far as national dialogue is concerned regardless of the exerted efforts in which we took part; Basically, the reason of this failure has to do with the fear of the patriotic opposition that the local Syrian National Council, which rejects any initiative for dialogue before the regime is being toppled down and considers any party accepting dialogue traitor. ... It is not acceptable when such a committee agrees to start dialogue with all the world, including enemy imperialist countries and refuses any dialogue with the state, regardless of the justifications.

Communist Party of Syria (Unified)

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