March 10, 2012

The great democracy that is new capitalist Russia

The elections have just been stolen from Russia. Knocking out the desired result the vertical of power threw into the battle the whole arsenal of fraud and manipulation. The officials were instructed on the voting "outcome" targets. "Law enforcement officials" turned a blind eye to the violations imposed. They did not suppress the issuing of anonymous newspapers like "Lord forbid!" ones. Complaints addressed to the law enforcement agencies were being rejected under various pretexts. The electoral commission compositions remained unchanged. CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov was kept at place. The CPRF Bills on the electoral system "repair" were not accepted by the State Duma. Instead of fair elections a campaign of web cameras installing was proposed to the citizens. On the Election Day the apotheosis of cynicism revealed itself in the removal from the polling places not only of the CPRF observers, but in some regions, of election commissions’ members with decisive vote.

Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the 2012 elections.

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