March 23, 2012

Anti-Flag – The General Strike

Pittsburgh political punks Anti-Flag have released their ninth full length album The General Strike on independent label SideOneDummy.

True to form the new album’s lyrics focus on the political issues of the day. The opening track, Controlled Opposition, is fast, aggressive, and to the point; facts that will be well received by some long time Anti-Flag fans that may have been less enthusiastic about the more toned-down nature of some recent albums.

The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint either. Some tracks are slower and more melodic but all of them are solid both politically and musically.

Highlights include 1915, a song about union organizer Joe Hill, The Ranks of the Masses Rising, about the Arab Spring and the importance of getting active politically, I Don’t Wanna, and This is the New Sound.

The General Strike is arguably Anti-Flag’s best album since 2001’s Underground Network. Well worth a listen for any fan of Anti-Flag or political punk rock. Check it out at

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