February 12, 2012

What is included in the Greek austerity measures? What should the people do?

The austerity measures demanded by the EC, the IMF and the European Central Bank (the so-called troika) equal about 7 per cent of gross domestic product over three years. The cutbacks would see 15,000 government jobs disappear this year and tens times that many by 2015. The minimum wage would fall by 22 per cent, though first-time workers would see the wage fall by 32 per cent. Pensions, pharmaceuticals and the military would all be cut back.

Konstantinos Katsigiannis, the Athens lawyer who is president of the Hellenic-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said he supports the austerity programs ... “The back of the entitlement mentality has to be broken,” he said.  

From The Globe and Mail

The President (and the ruling coalition) are common extortionists... The Communist Party of Greeks calls urgently to make your work place, every agency, every department, every university, technical colleges and school  into a castle, a fortress impregnable... to overthrow the government. 

Put aside the traitors, and compromised redeemed labour leaders, afraid to fight the capitalist bosses, the unions, associations, clubs, everywhere, from the bottom upwards to reverse this negative correlation of forces...

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