December 4, 2011

WFDY statement on the developments in Egypt

The recent developments in Egypt have attracted much attention from the progressive youth around
the world.

The insistence of the Egyptian youth on the continuation of their uprising against the prevailing regime of Mubarak and the new leadership of the Military council is a brilliant example on how the youth can continue the struggle until the full achievement of the demands rather than accepting middle solutions that were just a continuation of the previous policies. It is still the same regime,with the same oppressive policies and same connection and dependence on USA and countries of NATO. This is why the people continue their struggle against  the regime as well as against the reactionary forces of the Islamic political currents that prevail in Egypt now.

The results of the first round of the elections have shown the strength of the Islamic (modern and extreme) forces in Egypt. However, we are aware of the deep cooperation between those forces and the remains of the regimes, as well as their connection to countries with suspicious roles in the region like Qatar and Turkey, and their ideas of domination and conservatism in Egypt.

WFDY re-affirms its support for the progressive youth of Egypt in their struggle for freedom, social justice and sovereignty. We believe that it is important to emphasize the big changes that those youth have initiated despite the continuous efforts of the counter revolutionary forces represented by the Military council and the Islamic forces to dominate in the new political situation.
The future will carry a clear competition and struggle between the democratic and progressive forces against the reactionary forces and it will only bring victory for the people.

WFDY expresses its full solidarity with the Egyptian people and youth and their continued struggles for a future of hope and of change towards democracy and social justice.

Budapest, December 4, 2011

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