December 20, 2011

WFDY sends condolences

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of Democratic Youth
The World Federation of Democratic Youth today sent condolences on the recent deaths of two leaders in the anti-imperialist movement, Branko Kitanović and Kim Jong Ill.

Branko Kitanović was the General Secretary of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia. "The death of comrades as comrade Branko who devoted their lives to the struggle against imperialism, for peace and social justice, are always a great loss.... As WFDY together with our condolence we express our support to the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia," a statement released today said.

The WFDY also issued a statement on the death of Kim Jong Ill of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea which said Kim Jong Ill "expressed the willing[ness] of the people of Korea to struggle against imperialism [and] to build their own future despite the imperialist attacks that created many difficulties" in DPR Korea.

The WFDY expressed it's continued solidarity with the people of Korea and especially the youth, as well as the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League in their struggle "for peace and [the] reunification of the Korean Peninsula." The WFDY is confident that the Korean people will "continue to work for peace, freedom, independence, social justice and the right to build their future as they want, despite the imperialist aggression," the statement said.

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