November 22, 2011

Photos of the 18th WFDY General Assembly

Delegate from Eritrea *
Photos of the 18th General Assembly of WFDY. Stared photos are thanks to the YCL USA. Follow the link below and click on the first photo to see a slide show.

A giant banner from a past world youth festival hangs in the main hall.


The city streets of Lisbon around the conference center.

The main hall - Voice of the Worker

Nepalese delegates line up for lunch

Comrades from Cyprus and the YCL USA chair the Europe and North America  Regional Meeting

A delegate from the Free German Youth

The Latin America and Caribbean regional meeting

Some of the meetings were held in this municipality,
where the Communist Party has been elected to the local government 

The view towards Lisbon

The Communist Party of Portugal has a special festival grounds
where, each year, a great festival is held celebrating its newspaper

The main hall during a break in the meetings

Delegates also joined a meeting of 180,000 public sector workers on General Strike

The protest extended several miles up a major street leading into the down-town.

The event ended with a major celebration that brought together several hundred Portuguese youth

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