October 18, 2011

Occupy Canada!

Sign at the Occupy Toronto Rally
This weekend occupation actions took place in over twenty six communities from coast to coast across Canada, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

 People’s Voice Newspaper editorial

 To paraphrase the famous Russian Nikolai Chernyshevsky, the road to revolution takes many unexpected twists and turns.

Who could have predicted a year ago that Tunisia would be the spark for a series of uprisings, or that the magazine Adbusters would initiate an occupation of Wall Street which now involves tens of thousands? In both cases, circumstances were ripe for a popular upsurge. In every capitalist country, even the U.S. empire itself, unemployment, poverty, and inequality feed the sense of desperation and give birth to a wide range of fightback strategies. The most advanced struggles are in countries such as Greece, where revolutionary Communist parties with significant working class support are building broad, militant struggles around key demands.

Starting without a declared political aim, the Occupy Wall Street movement combines rage against oppression and poverty with hope for a better world. These sentiments are moving millions into the streets, and Occupy is spreading like wildfire.

The challenges faced by this openly anti-capitalist but extremely diverse crusade are enormous. But the decision to rise up together against corporate domination is a powerful and liberating act, with enormous potential. Through their bold attempt to defeat the system, the “99 percenters” will learn more about social change than any textbook could teach. This movement deserves the unhesitating support of all progressive activists.

More “occupations” will begin in cities across North America in mid-October. We urge our readers to jump in and help build these struggles, taking People’s Voice and socialist ideas into the debates.

Our next issue will report on the progress of this unique political development.

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