October 18, 2011

Join the Occupy movement!

Occupy demonstration in Vancouver
The 1% are united, organized and have clear goals – continued exploitation, cutbacks to social services, amassing wealth for themselves at the expense of the vast majority of people and of our environment.

The capitalist-owned media endlessly repeat that the people’s movements in the U.S. and Canada are unorganized and don’t have clear demands. And the ruling circles want to keep it that way.

Our response, the 99%, should be unite, organize and demand!

Some immediate demands could be:

  • Double the corporate tax rate, especially for the largest transnationals, oil companies, etc. 
  • Nationalize the banks and insurance companies! 
  • Good jobs, liveable wages and benefits for all!
  • End attacks on workers’ rights and stop privatizations and cutbacks to public services! 
  • Make education (including post-secondary), healthcare and childcare accessible and affordable! 
  • Build social housing, and significantly raise the minimum wage and welfare rates! 
  • Cut military spending by 75%! 
  • Fight climate change, not wars for energy resources! 
  • Our aim is a socialist Canada. 
We welcome discussion and debate.

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