August 2, 2011

On the criminalization of communists in Slovakia

The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces that is ongoing a new escalade of the attack against  communist forces, this time in Slovakia. The government of that country has approved an amendment to the  existing laws to include the following sentence: “Who publicly deny, question, agree or try to excuse  (...) crimes of regime based on communist ideology (...)  will be punished by confinement from six months to three years”.

This decision and the new law that now is created is yet another step in the general attack against communist parties and youth organizations that has been taking place all over the world, but particularly in Eastern Europe.

Aware that the current system is unable to provide  to the people of Slovakia the “well being, justice and democracy” that was promised during in the early nineties, the dominant classes need to chase and eliminate all forces that, in an organized way, can fight against the destruction of social, political and democratic rights that the capitalist restoration has meant.

Furthermore, the idea of the “communist crimes” is  part of a broader ideological line to try to equalize fascism and communism (the two “dictatorial regimes” that are “just as bad”) and, by this way, not only clean the face of the fascist crimes (“they weren’t that bad”) as also, and particularly, trap the peoples and youth to think that there is no alternative whatsoever to the current international order and its injustices and inequalities.

This attempt to rewrite history is even clearer in  a country that, as Slovakia (at the time a part of Czechoslovakia), was under the siege and domination of the Nazis’ forces and that counted with the precious support of Soviet Army to free itself from the dark night of the fascist domination.

On this occasion, we express our solidarity with all democratic formations in Slovakia, particularly with our comrades of SZM, and encourage them to continue their struggle for a truly democratic and fair country, where the people and youth are able to take upon their hands the destinies of their own future.

Budapest, July 31, 2011

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