June 28, 2011

On the ICC capture warrant against Muammar Khadafi

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a capture warrant Muammar Khadafi, president of Libya, blaming him for the “illegitimate arresting of
people” and “murders of opposition members” standing against the Libyan government, both done since last February.

Once again, the ICC comes to prove itself as a ridiculous puppet of the imperialist order, whose only purpose is to legitimate the imperialist interventions.

It is of high importance to remind, once again, that this court does not judge American soldiers or crimes done by the US and, since it exists, never it has taken even a word against the countless crimes of NATO or any other imperialist coalition or intervention.

WFDY does not recognize to the ICC even a drop of authority to blame or find guilty anyone for anything. Over the last years, this so-called “court”, has never even spoken about the killing done by imperialist criminals and their allies in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Western Sahara, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt (just to mention a few) and always stood by the side of the occupiers, the bombers and the dictators. Its role is to contribute to the pillage and murder that imperialism spreads around the world with its constant wars and conflicts.

The motivation of imperialism to bombard and invade Libya was never and is not Khadafi or any hypocrite defense of the human rights. Imperialism has armed rebel forces, bombed and invaded Libya and killed innocent Libyan people to go after the Libyan immense reserves of oil and to be able to install in that area another huge military compound that will create better conditions for any new interventions.

On this occasion, WFDY calls upon all its member organizations to denounce this new wave of propaganda as part of the continuous efforts we are making for the immediate end of the war against Libya, so that it can be the Libyan people to solve their own issues, as in any other sovereign country.

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