June 6, 2011

Canada Post Corporation Takes Several Steps Backwards and Two Steps Forward

Steps Backwards

Today, after reviewing our June 3rd proposals for three days, CPC totally rejected our offer. They made virtually no effort to bring the parties closer together, and in fact, reneged on several of their previous proposals with respect to staffing.


CPC rejected our proposal for 50-50 current service pension contributions. They say they believe it is not possible due to the law. However, they did not say if they were prepared to jointly approach the government to change the legislation, should the parties reach agreement on the issue.


CPC has withdrawn their offers to create full-time positions when a part-time employee works 900 hours during a 30-week period, and to create a part-time regular position when a temporary employee works 1,000 hours during twelve months.

Short-Term Disability Plan

The employer finally provided language on their proposal for compulsory arbitration concerning the Short-Term Disability Plan. Their proposed contract language, confirms that the plan is not designed to protect employees from insufficient sick leave credits, but instead is designed to “reduce the rate of casual and certified sick leave and special leave.”
The language also ensures that the government-appointed arbitrator would have little choice but to impose their program.

Steps Forward

The employer did make a few positive moves in their recent offer, as follows:

Householder Mail

When collation of admail is performed by another employee or a machine, the time values for the preparation of that volume of admail, will be limited to the time required to prepare the collated bundles for delivery, provided the non-collated admail amounts to more than three sets a week. When the outside impact of admail exceeds 16 minutes, the exceeding time will be added to the calculation of the evaluated time of the walk.

Financial Services Study

CPC provided language on the Financial Services study to be conducted jointly by the parties under Appendix T.
The Union will examine CPC’s proposals and develop its response.
In solidarity,

Denis Lemelin
National President and Chief Negotiator 

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