April 28, 2011

Release Joaquín Pérez Becerra immediately!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received the news about the capture and deportation from Venezuela to Colombia of the journalist Joaquín Pérez Becerra, director of the web page ANNCOL, which is based in Sweden and published with the permission of the country’s national government. Joaquín has left Colombia for more than 20 years, as a political refugee, after many threats to his life, when he was member of Unión Patriótica, managing to survive the genocide dealt against this left wing group. Since then, he has lived in Sweden, country of which he has been given the nationality.The imperialist government of Colombia, full of blood of the constant murders of the heroic Colombian people (particularly the youngsters) in its hands, accuses him of being a member of FARC as part of the great scheme of the proofs taken from the computer of Raul Reyes, in a strategy that has been used to accuse people inside and outside Colombia and even governments like the one lead by Hugo Chavez, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It is know by everyone that Joaquín Pérez Becerra is no terrorist and he was not even ever a member of FARC as the Colombian intelligence and Government want to make the world believe, as part of the witch hunt promoted against all critics and opposition of the regime. We express our worry even for the life of this comrade, since that in Colombia there are no guarantees to the physical integrity or security of the revolutionaries.

On behalf of all its member and friend organizations and the whole progressive youth of the world, WFDY demands the respect for life and civil and political rights, proceeding guarantees and immediate release of Joaquín Pérez Becerra. We call for the international solidarity in all spaces possible so that he is released and may return to Sweden, country where he lives.

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