April 24, 2011

Media release: Communist Party Calls For Withdrawal of Troops, Military Spending Cut

Communist Party Calls for Withdrawal of Canadian Troops from Afghanistan, Libya

Military Spending Should be Reduced by 75%, Money Used for Social Programs

Communist Party leader Miguel Figueroa is campaigning in Edmonton today and tomorrow, raising the CPC’s demand for Canada’s immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and Libya, and a 75% reduction in military spending.

“The Harper Conservatives are the most reactionary, aggressive, militaristic party of the big corporations,” said Figueroa. “They have committed an appalling amount of public money to the military budget – $21 billion in 2010/2011 alone – and they have submerged Canada’s foreign policy into the aggressive, imperialist policies of the United States and NATO. The war in Afghanistan, which Canada entered under the Liberals, continues to be an immoral, costly and unwinnable disaster that Harper has continually extended despite poll after poll that show Canadians want the troops to be withdrawn. It is time for a new foreign policy for Canada, one that is based on peace, sovereignty, respect for international law and solidarity.”

The Communist Party has also denounced Canada’s intervention in Libya. “Humanitarian intervention is being used as a pretext to provide the US and NATO with carte blanche to attack Libya and install a military and political presence that will secure imperialist interests in the region,” Figueroa noted. “This will put the people there at greater, rather than lesser risk.”

The Communist Party platform includes calls for:

* Canada to immediately withdraw from Afghanistan and Libya.

* Canada to oppose the occupation of Iraq, and any US or NATO aggression against Iran or North Korea.

* A reduction of 75% in Canada’s military spending.

* A new Canadian foreign policy based on peace, disarmament, sovereignty and respect for international law.

* Canada’s immediate withdrawal from NATO, NORAD and other military alliances.

The complete Communist Party election platform is available at www.votecommunist.ca.

Miguel Figueroa is campaigning in Edmonton today and tomorrow, with local candidate Naomi Rankin (Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont). He will be at the Farmers’ Market in Old Strathcona at 11:30 am on Saturday and speaking at the Mill Woods Recreation Centre from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Sunday. To arrange interviews, call 780-465-7893, or the CPC central campaign at 416-469-2446.

The Communist Party of Canada is the second oldest political party in Canada, with a long and proud history in the forefront of working class and progressive struggles for peace, jobs, democracy, sovereignty and social programs. In 2003, the CPC won a historic victory for democracy in Canada, by successfully challenging draconian changes to the Elections Act that required parties to field 50 candidates in elections or face deregistration and seizure of assets.


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