April 24, 2011

Communists running four candidates in Quebec

The Communist Party today announced that it will be running four candidates in Québec in a concentrated strategy on Montréal ridings.

The candidates, who have all been nominated and designated by the Returning Officer, are:

* Bill Sloan, Westmount – Ville-Marie
* Marianne Breton Fontaine, Hochelaga
* Sylvian Archambault, Laurier – Ste-Marie
* Johan Boyden, Outremont

The party will be running an intensive campaign in Hochelaga, and placing hundreds of election signs across the city demanding immediate withdraw of the Canadian military from Afghanistan, breaking diplomatic relations with Apartheid Israeli, and to put people before profits on May 2nd and vote Communist.

The Party held an campaign school on the weekend after joining the major cross-Canada mobilization against the war in Libya. Party members marched holding a street-wide banner calling for Canada out of NATO.

In addition to the demand for an independent Canadian foreign policy based on peace and disarmament, the Communist campaign in Québec will also be raising the issue of creating jobs, full employment, free education, public childcare and a democratic immigration policy.

The campaign is calling to rescind the “Clarity” Act and recognize the national rights of Aboriginal peoples and Quebec to self-determination, up to and including secession.

The Communists propose that the people draft and adopt a new, democratic constitution based on an equal and voluntary partnership of the Aboriginal peoples, Québec, and English-speaking Canada.

Already the campaign has fielded a number of media interviews, made several new contacts, and is well on its way to raising several thousand dollars from supporters. On April 3oth, Miguel Figueroa will speak in Montréal at the Greek Worker’s Association hall on Parc Avenue which is also the campaign headquarters.

Contact the campaign:

5359, avenue du Parc
Montréal (Québec) Canada H2V 4G9
Téléphone : (438) 338-8890
Courriel : pcq@cpc-pcc.ca
Internet : http://www.votonscommuniste.ca/

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