March 7, 2011

WFDY Statement on Korean Situation

The World Federation of Democratic Youth is deeply concerned with new development in Korean Peninsula these days, due to unprecedented anti-DPRK confrontation moves of the US and south Korean conservative authorities, inter-Korean relation was ruined completely and, touch-and-go situation has been created once again on the Korean peninsula where the ravages of a nuclear war could break out at slightest provocation.

Despite DPR Korea's positive initiation for peace that with recent commitment to be ready to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula as its commitments with signaling of destroying its nuclear facilities for the reciprocity of non aggression treaty and withdrawal of foreign forces from Korean soil, all the provocations of war and trail to further isolate DPRK has heightened serious tension of war in the peninsula.

We believe that any tension and possible war in Korean Peninsula will not be only catastrophic to the Korean people but destabilize the whole region for any chance to be developed peacefully and in harmony.

The US and the South Korean conservative authorities reveal their character as the dialogue disruptor and peace breaker, responding to the DPRK-proposed wide-ranging dialogue and negotiations for peace and detente with military actions for aggression.

WFDY condemns and denounces the anachronistic hostile policy of the US towards DPRK and strongly demands the US to stop unconditionally aggressive nuclear war exercises which bring fiery cloud of nuclear war over the Korean peninsula and withdraw their troops and nuclear weapons immediately out of South Korea!

WFDY confirms that the June 15 Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration, adopted between North and South for peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula, should be thoroughly implemented and sharply condemns and denounces the pro-US and anti-reunification confrontational policy of the South Korean Authorities.

March, 07, 2011
Budapest, Hungary

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