November 19, 2010

Repression intensifies as NATO Summit takes place in Lisbon - Portugal

During the coming days another NATO summitis taking place, this time in Lisbon – Portugal.

In this framework, where the Portuguese government is hosting a summit of an assassin organization to which NATO affiliation is even against its Constitution, the attacks to freedoms and democratic guarantees have been growing rapidly.

WFDY highlights the cases of intense police activity, the suspension of the Schengen Area and prevention of entrance of various people in the country, the fact that the Portuguese government has spent millions of euroin military equipment for “defensive maneuvers that may be necessary” and the growing atmosphere of fearspread throughout the media in a clear attempt to demobilize from the demonstration of Saturday.

WFDY denounces furthermore that today, in this atmosphere of “total control”, police officers have invadedthe headquarters of a trade union to destroy propaganda regarding the workers’ general strike of next Wednesday, in an act that is only comparable to those done by the police of the Portuguese fascist regime –that same one that was one of the founding members of NATO.

WFDY reaffirms its support to the campaign “Yes to Peace, No to NATO!” as the umbrella platform where all relevant expressions of the different movements (including our members in the country, JCP, and the Portuguese NPC for the 17th WFYS) come together to struggle against this summit and for the dismantlement of NATO. We encourage all Portuguese people and other internationalists to join the demonstration of Saturday afternoon in the centre of Lisbon that is being held under the same slogan of the campaign by that same campaign.

WFDY is sure that a world of peace is necessarily a world free of NATO or any other tool of aggression,therefore demanding its immediate disband and the full respect for the United Nations as platform where thecountries should assemble and democratically take the necessary decisions for world peace and respect forthe International Law.

The CC/HQ of WFDYNovember 19, 2010

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