November 19, 2010

Drop the 2010 Olympic Legacy of Poverty!

Young Communist League – BC Executive Committee

On November 17th it was announced that Millennium Water, the developer responsible for the 2010 Olympic Village, had gone into receivership. This means the value of the frivolous of excessive high-cost condos will be shouldered by the people of British Columbia. Yet another blow to B.C., the fightback must advance to block the further misuse of tax money.

British Columbians cannot shoulder the $750 million dollars for this housing, most of which is out of the reach of regular working people. The Young Communist League demands that corporate taxes be raised to cover the cost of the housing, and the project be transitioned into low-cost units for working class, low-income families.

Furthermore, corporate income tax should bare the complete burden of all low income housing. Dedicated homes for students must be provided at no cost for a truly accessible education system. Instead of paying out for the 2010 Olympic Circus, money must be used to fund real people and their immediate needs.

The fate of Millennium Water proves both that the poor planning of the Olympics is going to leave a lasting economic scar on B.C., and that the interests of working people are not being advanced by the Provincial and Vancouver Municipal governments. Now is the time for change, British Columbians cannot wait until the next election to boot out corporate politicians. Affordable, accessible housing now!

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