November 15, 2010

The anti-communist offensive in Portugal and in the world: an offensive against the peoples and youth rights!

The offensive that has been taking place against the czech communists has developed. After the failed attempt of ilegalization of the Communist Youth Union (KSM), defeated by the struggle of the czech youth and by the solidarity of thousands of people and organizations from the whole world, we now watch the new attempt to annulment, physically and ideologically, of KSM.

Referring to an article of the Criminal Code that condemns any actions of denial, approval or justification of a genocide, some Czech authorities intend to punish the publication by KSM an article on its site about the battle of Katyn, in World War II. In an attempt to state the historical truth about one of the most remarkable events of World War II and the condemnation of crimes against humanity by Nazi-Fascism, the young Czech communists now face a complaint by some of the most prominent figures of the extreme right and anti communists in the country, leeking well, once again, to attack the KSM. This is another demonstration of the anti-communist offensive, which also tryes to bleach history, trying to equate Communism to Nazism.

This offensive, however, is not felt only in the Czech Republic. The attacks against freedoms and democratic guarantees multiply and the repression of those who struggle and resist, intensifyes. Recently communist symbols were banned in Poland, with the support of the European Union; a few days ago, the president of the World Federation of Democratic Youth was arrested by Moroccan authorities and was prevented from visit Western Sahara, to participate in a solidarity activity with the Saharawi people, in Ecuador, the general secretary of Communist Youth of Ecuador was violently attacked by members of an organization of right-wing lying in a coma. In Portugal, there have been limitations on the class trade union actions, the right to strike, attempts to limit the student's unions, the boycott of struggles, whether from the workers or from the students. The episodes of restricting political activity of JCP increase. Recently, Portuguese Communist Youth activists were detained by the police because they were painting a mural, in Lisbon, in Leiria, a militant of the JCP was detained by the police for stiking posters . The right to political activity and and propaganda and is constitutionally guaranteed, and we intend to continue to do so.

In a time when capitalism faces a global crisis, also intensifies its offensive against the progressive forces, who claim and struggle for a different system, a world of peace, democracy, freedom and respect for the fundamental rights of mankind. The Communists have always been ahead of the fierce battles that were fought against the advances of capitalism and the rights of peoples. It was like this, in the hard fight against Nazi-fascism, and was thus the resistance struggle against fascism in Portugal, so it is all over the world where crimes of imperialism are felt.

JCP condemns the anti-democratic and anti-communist acts in Czech Republic, as well as in all parts of the world where resistance and the struggle for a different world of peace and solidarity among peoples, democracy, progress and social transformation are targets of violent attacks by the imperialist forces. The offensive grows, but also increases the willingness and strength to resist and fight.

Lisbon, 9th of November of 2010
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