October 12, 2010

Cuba Congratulates El Salvador's FMLN on Its 30th Anniversary

Cuba Congratulates El Salvador’s FMLN on Its 30th Anniversary

CUBA, October 11, 2010.- The president of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament), Ricardo Alarcon, congratulated the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) of El Salvador on their 30th anniversary on Sunday.

Alarcon said, “The FMLN has been a model of loyalty to its revolutionary principles and the Salvadoran popular and political forces.”

The legislator noted that the date, October 10, is also significant for the Cuban people as it marks another anniversary of the beginning of
the independence struggle against the Spanish colonial rule on October 10, 1968.

He said that the followers of Salvadoran hero Farabundo Marti, who led a farmers’ uprising in 1932, also created a process of unity in the FMLN.

Alarcon thanked the FMLN for its support of the cause for the release of the Cuban Five.

The president of the Cuban Parliament is in El Salvador to participate in a meeting of the Permanent Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Political Parties (COPPPAL) in San Salvador, the country’s capital. (Cubaminrex-RHC)

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