September 23, 2010

WFDY Greetings to YCL Convention

Greetings from the World Federation of Democratic Youth to the Young Communist League of Canada on the occasion of it's 25th Central Convention.

To the Young Communist League of Canada

Dear comrades,
The World Federation of Democratic Youth salutes this important moment of your organization. We are sure that your Conference will create more conditions for the development of the youth struggle in Canada and for the reinforcement of your organization.

In harsh times as those we are going through the imperialist offensive to the peoples and youth comes everyday in different and more aggressive ways. Lead by the USA, in close cooperation with the European Union, the imperialist offensive means bombing and occupation (like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and the growing interference around Somalia, Yemen and Iran, among others) but also means promotion of the extreme right wing, racist measures, nationalist movements and ethnic or religious conflicts.

At the same time imperialism tries to criminalize all those who struggle against imperialism, which happens in many countries, but particularly in Eastern European countries, where communist organizations and symbols are chased and criminalized. In this particular aspect, the victory of KSM of Czech Republic, whose struggle lasted for several years always with the committed support of WFDY and its members, represents a sign that there can be hope and that by struggling we can achieve victories – and we do need them, given the new wave of attacks in Poland, Latvia or Hungary.

WFDY calls upon the youth of the World to give a strong and firm answer to the offenses we face. The best answer we can give is to struggle everyday, in schools, in places of work or in neighborhoods for social transformation, for a peaceful and fair world!

The year of 2010 is very significant year for our work and struggle. Among other relevant dates and events, the 65th Anniversary of WFDY and the realization of the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in South Africa, in December, will surely represent a boost in our already strong chain of international solidarity and work coordination.

In this so important moment for the youth of Canada, we reaffirm our solidarity and brotherhood with all the young communists of Canada and express our strong wish that we can meet in three months in Johannesburg on the occasion of the 17th WFYS!

Long live the youth of the world!

Long live the youth struggle for peace and international solidarity!

Youth unite, for lasting peace!

Budapest, September 23, 2010

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