August 19, 2010

SASCO:Demand more pay – demand an end to capitalism!

18 August 2010

We support, unreservedly, the COSATU led public service strike. It is about time that the working class demands to be compensated for its worth by the capitalist state. It is not only mischievous but irresponsible for government to continue to offer peanuts to workers whilst often lazy public representatives continue to rake hundreds of thousands in undeserved salaries.

It is a shame that workers continue to stay in shacks and cannot afford basic necessities whilst some Ministers stay in expensive hotels at the taxpayer’s expense. We call on government not only to increase the salaries of workers but to considerably decrease salaries earned by Ministers, Director Generals, including those in the Presidency. The elite cannot continue to feed on the carcass of a poor nation so as to live as though oblivious of the untold suffering endured by the working class.

Our government should also increase corporate tax in order to ensure that the profits raked by businesses at the expense of workers are directed to the national fiscus and are used to reproduce and develop the nation. We call on COSATU and its affiliates not only to direct this protest at increasing wages but to mount a campaign against capitalism and its stratification. We further call upon the minister of Public administration to stop behaving like a CEO of a profit thirsty company and give workers what is due to them.

We also call on workers to remember that after the protest is over, they should be ready to redouble their efforts to ensure that whatever services were lost are made up for.

For details Contact:
Mbulelo Mandlana (President)
071 879 3408

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