August 2, 2010

Dear Rebel Youth

RY received this email from a reader. The story of a young man who got into a traffic accident in Cuba has been picked up by Canadian members of Parliament and rapidly brought to the attention of the Canadian public.

I am growing weary of the story of Cody LeCompte, the [Canadian] teen who was “stuck” in Cuba.

He managed to rent a car, even though he was under age. If that’s the case, they were wrong to rent to him and he was wrong to be driving while under age, even if he did not know the law. If he somehow misrepresented himself, that’s another matter.

Cuba is not the only country that demands that those involved in an accident stay until their innocence can be proven. We also only have his word that the accident was not his fault. The real problem is that in Cuba, auto accidents are not the justice system’s highest priority and the delays can be unreasonable.

How on earth did his family run up a bill of $30,000?

They claim that he was told to stay in the resort, but if the cost was beyond them I’m sure other arrangements could have been made.

The government’s only real concern is that he remain in Cuba. He could have explained his financial plight and arranged to stay with a Cuban family. After all, the government owns the resorts and they don’t want a room to be taken up by a customer who is unable to pay.

A. Reader.

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