July 16, 2010

The Class Assassins: You've Got It All Wrong (2010)

The Class Assassins present another album of "songs to sing with a pint glass in one hands and a fist in the air." Several years after their last album, The Class Assassins still appear on top of their game with their new album, You've Got It All Wrong.

You've Got It All Wrong is made up of 13 shout-along working-class punk anthems, each dripping with fighting spirit. Empty Dollar chronicles in brief the life of the wage slave, fighting to get by. Stop the World criticizes the rapid depletion of the world resources, the path towards extinction being charted by those who pillage the planet unreservedly and promote a culture of rapid consumerism. A Generation Robbed takes on feelings that without change, there is no future for the younger generations.

To sum up, You've Got It All Wrong's got it all right. Favourite tracks include Empty Dollar, Outside Looking In, Stop the World, and A Generation Robbed.

Check out the Class Assassins here.

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